Our Vision

Less waste, more life. 


Vestability is committed to improving the lives of fishers and their families in Africa. Our mission is to design products that are affordable and suitable for the needs of fishers, whilst also being environmentally friendly. To do this, we have four core values. 


1. Beneficiary Focussed 

Vestability is built for our beneficiaries. We serve some of the poorest people in the world, but are determined to deliver a solution that suits their needs and capabilities.

Our buoyancy vest, from design to delivery, has been designed with the beneficiary’s needs as the guidelines. We continue to dedicate a large proportion of our efforts towards meeting our beneficiaries and listening to their needs.

2. Sustainabile

Vestability endeavours to boost the sustainable development of the communities in which we work. Vestability is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and fosters sustainability in all aspects of our organisation.

3. Measurable Impact

Vestability believes in the importance of measurable and evidential impact. Whilst we are a young organisation, we are laying the foundations for a strong and sustainable monitoring and evaluation system. We not only aim to measure our direct impact but our indirect impact too. 

4. Scalable

Our solution is easily replicable and, therefore, scalable.  We believe that it is our responsibility to scale our model globally to provide as many impoverished fishermen as possible with access to an affordable buoyancy vest.

A fisherman in Madagascar wears Vestability's buoyancy vest.

A fisherman in Madagascar wears Vestability's buoyancy vest.