Our solution


Up-cycled buoyancy vestS

Vestability has designed an affordable, up-cycled buoyancy vest. The buoyancy vest can be hand made by a fisher, using common household waste: plastic bottles and rice sacks. They are quick and easy to make, and require minimum sewing expertise. As a result, the buoyancy vests provide much needed safety equipment at a low cost for the users. 

To provide fishing communities with access to the buoyancy vests, we work with partners to design and implement production workshops in a number of fishing communities. These workshops are free for villagers to attend and guides them through the steps of making a buoyancy vest using the materials required.  


Our buoyancy vests save lives by reducing the incidence of drowning; The buoyancy vests prevents fishers from exhaustion in the water, enabling them to make it safely back to shore. 

The buoyancy vests also enable fishers to fish safely and more often, helping them to gain a more reliable source of income. As a result the buoyancy vests improve the welfare of many of their users.

Last but not least, our buoyancy vests are environmentally friendly due to their use of plastic waste. By up-cycling this waste, the vests reduce waste and pollution.  

Now when my boat capsizes, I can stay afloat. It is often a long way back to shore, but the buoyancy vest lets us make it back safely.
— Bonina, Madagascar

Coming soon: Life Jackets 

Vestability is currently designing a higher cost, professional life jacket that can be made and sold by tailors within fishing communities. This is the next stage in our mission to provide affordable safety equipment for all.