OUr Mission is to reduce the number of drowning deaths in Africa. 

With 83,000 Africans currently estimated to drown each year, Africa has the highest number of drowning deaths globally. 

Thousands of people make their living and home along Africa's many lake shores and coastlines, travelling regularly across water or gaining an income through small-scale fishing. For this reason, those most likely to drown are adult males undertaking fishing activities or passengers on transport boats. 

Access to affordable high-quality Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) is extremely limited in Africa. Buoyancy aids and life jackets are not available in the majority of shoreside communities and are simply too expensive for those who need them most. 


97% of fishermen live in developing countries, in communities where fishing is the primary source of food and income. The majority of these fishermen are living in poverty, using poor-quality boats that are prone to capsize in rough waters. Far from shore and without any safety equipment, many fishing accidents are fatal. 


Boats used to transport people and goods are also prone to capsize due to their poor-quality and tendency to be overloaded. It is rare to see a single life jacket amongst crowded boats of 100 or more people. With the majority unable to swim, there are few survivors when a boat capsizes or sinks.


To reduce the number of drowning deaths in Africa, Vestability are providing coastal and lakeshore communities with access to affordable life jackets and buoyancy aids. Fishermen, boat passengers, tourists and businesses can all benefit from our innovative products.