Festival of Female Entrepreneurs

By Alex Sanderson

Yesterday, Pritika and I spent the day at the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, run by Enterprise Nation. This is the first time I've attended an Enterprise Nation event and, more importantly, a female-orientated event. It was so brilliant that I thought I'd share the day in a blog post. 

First things first, I wasn't expecting the warm, welcoming atmosphere. I've gotten used to the serious, high-pressure events and this was a nice change. The mood was fantastic, with smiles and compliments all round. The room seemed like one big community, eager to hear about and help small business. Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation, was completely brilliant. 

Even the sun was happy.

Even the sun was happy.

Onto the speakers, a great collection of inspiring women (and men), who are making it or have made it. I was particularly inspired by Julie Deane of Cambridge Satchel Company: a hilarious women with a down-to-earth nature despite 'having made it'. We also loved:

  • Catherine Flynn from Facebook, who has set up a She Means Business facebook training course for women in business to get the most of social media. 
  • Helena Hills from Truestart Coffee, because her coffee range won't give me the crash that I currently get. 
  • Mel Bound, founder of This Mum Runs. Mel won the Enterprise Nation female start-up of the year. 
  • Good Deed Dating, running a dating app that organises dates at volunteering activities. 
  • Chloe Tingle from No More Taboo, that we have heard about so much in the last few months and finally got to meet! 

Lastly, I learnt a huge amount! The panel discussion were great for getting some real advice on the best and worst bits of business, as well as those hilarious moments that never seems to professional to tell anyone. 

We have a new motivation to power on with our mission, despite the looming university deadlines! Thank you for having us Enterprise Nation and see you next time.  

Alex Sanderson