Vestability is run by Alexandra Sanderson and Pritika Kasliwal, two women who have recently graduated from the University of Bristol in the UK. Vestability was borne out of Alex and Pritika's time at Bristol University and quickly grew in scale with the help of the University's business and social enterprise societies. Alex and Pritika split their time between East Africa and the UK. 


Drowning is a preventable public health challenge but it continues to take the lives of thousands of people worldwide every year. In particular, the rates of drowning in Africa are still overlooked by many public health organisations. Confronted with community deaths in Madagascar while travelling and shocked by the lack of action governments and organisations were taking, Alex and Pritika set out to form their own solution. 


Vestability's goal is to reduce the number of deaths caused by drowning in Africa. We operate as a social enterprise with a charitable arm. We believe that social enterprise is the best way to quickly and effectively secure the lives of Africans living in shoreside communities whilst avoiding the detrimental effects of aid. We have a number of core values: 

1. Beneficiary Focused: Vestability is built for our beneficiaries. We serve some of the poorest people in the world, but are determined to deliver a solution that suits their needs and capabilities. Our products, from design to delivery, are guided by the feedback of our beneficiaries. We continue to dedicate a large proportion of our efforts towards meeting our beneficiaries and listening to their needs.

2. Sustainable Solutions: Vestability endeavours to boost the sustainable development of the communities in which we work. We are committed to the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals and are building a company that can help end extreme poverty, fight inequality and combat climate change in Africa. 

3. Entrepreneurial Action: We believe in the power of social enterprise to help our beneficiaries secure their own lives as well as the lives of their families and communities. We believe that aid often causes more problems than solutions and should be avoided where possible. Innovative and entrepreneurial solutions are not only more sustainable, but also contribute towards the wider economic growth of our beneficiaries' communities. 

4. Measurable Impact: Vestability believes in the importance of measurable and evidential impact. Whilst we are a very young organisation, we are laying the foundations for a strong and sustainable monitoring and evaluation system.

5. Effective Partnerships: We cannot stop drowning by ourselves. There are many different aspects to drowning prevention with different solutions being pioneered by a number of organisations. To save as many lives as possible in as many places as possible, we work hard to create and maintain effective partnerships with these organisations. As a result, our products are able to have a global impact. 


Our motto has always been to "start small, think big". Whilst we are still a small organisation, we are growing quickly and have ambition to scale. Drowning is still a neglected issue in many LICs and MICs across the globe. Right now we are focussing on East Africa, but we hope to expand to many other locations in the future. 

Pritika and Alex in Madagascar, 2016. 

Pritika and Alex in Madagascar, 2016.