Vestability is building an alliance of organisations committed to improving the lives of fishers worldwide. 


We want to work with organisations who care about fishers as much as we do. Together, we can teach more fishers how to make a buoyancy vest. 

We provide our partner organisations with the resources and materials required for them to run training workshops within the fishing communities that they work with.


In order to foster sustainable development within the communities we work, Vestability is committed to the UN Global Goals.

Ending Extreme Poverty

Poverty still exists throughout the world: 18 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa saw poverty increase over the past decade.

Vestability aims to alleviate poverty in the communities that we work. Our buoyancy vests allow fishermen to feel safe whilst they work. As a result, they can feed their families safely, and more reliably. On top of this, our framework focuses on skill-building, laying the basis for local creativity and innovation. 

Fighting Inequality

Women make up half the world’s population, and women’s knowledge, agency and collective action has huge potential to tackle local and global issues such as poverty and climate change. Vestability believe that women and men are both active agents of change, both within their family and within society. By including women within our project reach, Vestability aim to improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. 


Tackling Climate Change

Climate Change is a global challenge. Innovative new concepts are needed to coordinate and re-use finite resources more efficiently and avoid greenhouse emissions.

Vestability aims to contribute its part of the solution by being an environmentally friendly and sustainable business. Our buoyancy vests are made from up-cycling local materials, avoiding waste and pollution.

Vestability is run by students at the University of Bristol. 


Alex Sanderson
Executive Director & Founder

Pritika Kasliwal
Executive Director

Alex & Pritika in Madagascar

Alex & Pritika in Madagascar


Simon Kaiser
Operations Executive


Sasha Rusakova
Legal Executive

Stephane De Keerle
Managing Director


Sam Hosegood
Finance Manager

Maria Lawrence
Marketing & Brand Manager


Michael Lim

We are an Enactus Bristol project.


Enactus is an established non-profit organisation committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives.